Harmony Between Pro Golf and the Family

Crisp, green grass, always freshly cut. Humming, almost sacred silence. The heavy inhaled breath of a golfer before a swing. Golf has always been about harmony and control. For the professional golfer, even the daily struggle between work and family is about balance. When can a golfer find time in between rigorous physical workouts and […]

Superior Healthcare for Elderly Patients

Healthcare needs of the elderly grow each day, and technology has caught up with the pace to help provide the elderly with proper care. JenCare believes technology has the capacity to help our older adults to achieve healthier and more independent life.

No More NYC Foam Ban!

The foam ban in New York caused a lot of uproar from those businesses that use polystyrene products each and every day.

Scientists Will Announce “Doomsday Clock” Time

Scientists behind a “Doomsday Clock” that measures the likelihood of a global cataclysm are set to announce Tuesday whether civilization is any closer or farther from disaster. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is expected to unveil the minute hand on the metaphorical clock in Washington, D.C. The clock reflects how vulnerable the world is […]

Venture Capital Funding for Start-Ups: Why it Works for Business

Businesses around the country are getting a lot of money from CAPCO programs, and CAPCO programs are sending out money for people who are in desperate need of funding for their businesses.

Live Longer & Better – How to Optimize Your Health in 2016

Everyone in America has to find a way to feel better and live longer in the new age. There are healthcare companies like ChenMed who are helping people get the care they need, and that care is coming in many different forms. The best healthcare companies are providing lots of services all under the same […]

Study Anticipates the Growth for Pest Control Services

Their study found that this potential growth is due to an increased need for pest control services on a global level and a surge in health related concerns in connection to pests.

The Benefits of Family-Owned Health Care

This is just one example of when family-centered medical health care can be a blessing for folks who may need a little extra specialized attention and care.